The Stupa at Sweetwater Hermitage

Stupas are sacred monuments that have been built in various regions in the East. Often, the architecture of the stupa is majestic, inspiring, and has the power to take us away from our ordinary perception of reality upon seeing it.

Historically, the first stupas were built as a container to enshrine the relics of Buddha. Now stupas often contain sacred ingredients such as mantras or miniature statues. The stupa is regarded as a representation of the enlightened mind.

Watercolor by sangha member, Melissa Parhm

Our Dharmata sangha, with the support and generosity of community members, initiated a project to build a stupa on our Sweetwater Hermitage in the mountains of Big Sur. Many of us feel that Big Sur is a power spot, with its untamed rawness and majesty, and the stupa will bring blessings to the land. There is also a tradition in the Tibetan culture that stupas are dedicated to certain goals. Here we would like to dedicate the stupa as a force for healing, peace, and awakening in the world.

  • Anam Thubten