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“The miracle that can happen in our consciousness when we observe silence is the opening of the eye of the Dharma, the eye of the truth, the eye of love, the eye of compassion, the eye of wisdom.” — Anam Thubten

Sweetwater Hermitage is situated in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur, California. It’s a place where one can feel they’re entering a realm unspoiled by modern civilization. The hermitage welcomes us to experience the connection between ourselves and the natural world, where we can deeply immerse ourselves in our spiritual practice with the supportive environment of quietude and simplicity.

Upon arriving, Sweetwater Hermitage can remind us of some of the sacred sites in Tibet, such as Samye Chimpu, a hermitage where many Dzogchen masters have practiced long meditation retreats. Creeks flow through the land populated with groves of redwoods, oaks, and madrones, granite outcroppings, and wandering wildlife that evoke a sense of serenity, ease, and joy. It’s a place where Dharma practitioners can come to practice on solo retreat or small gatherings under the guidance of Anam Thubten.