Lama Garwang

Lama Garwang was a Dzogchen master and terton (treasure revealer). He was born in 1924 in the Markog region of Golok, Eastern Tibet.  At age one, Puru Lama Chogchen gave him the name Padma Gargyi Wangchuk; later people abbreviated his name to Garwang. At the same time Puru Lama Chogchen also indicated he was the reincarnation of Lingtrul Padma Lungstok Gyatso, and was also recognized as the reincarnation of Deshek Lingpa by Kathok Jamtrul Nangsal Dorje.

He then began to study reading and writing, and at age 13 he entered Drugang monastery. There he studied Tibetan grammar, astrology and the full range of Buddhist learning such as the sutras and tantras. Throughout his life, he received numerous teachings, empowerments and reading transmissions from authorized masters, among them Tersey Dorje Dradul, Kathok Khenpo Jampal Gyatso, Khenpo Adon, Chaktsa Tulku Padma Trinley Gyatso, Dzongter Kunzang Nyima, Betsa Lama, Gontrul Ngotsar Dorje, and Gyalsey Sonam Detsan. From an early age he was very wise and contemplative.  For example when he received Dzogchen pointing out instruction on the nature of mind from Jimpa Gyatso, Lama Garwang said to Jimpa Gyatso, “That’s it? That’s all there is? I have known this since I was a little child.” He had visions of buddhas, ishtadevatas,  and masters of the past that inspired him; he began to bring forth revelatory writings that included a variety of sadhanas. 

Then in 1959, due to religious persecution, he was imprisoned for a total of 12 years. His dignity, compassion and equanimity earned him reverence among other Buddhist teachers who were imprisoned with him for similar reasons. After his release, he returned to his hometown where many lay people and monastics came to receive teachings from him. He also traveled on pilgrimage to give teachings and empowerments. Many well-known Dharma masters became his disciples such as Kangsar Tenpai Wangchuck, Gongri Kadroma Damtsik Drolma, Gyaze Kulo and Palyul Garlong.  He passed into parinirvana in 2012.  People remember him as enlightened, loving and compassionate; he was the embodiment of Dharma. Those who knew him had only positive experiences being around him.