Images of Sweetwater

(2019) Spring- Present. Land restoration projects



Before and after the Soberanes Fire (2016)

Images from winter 2016/2017 (top row – flooding and landslides), spring/summer/fall 2017 (middle row – clearing downed timber and fire debris), and our new bridge onto the land and 2018 karma yoga projects (bottom row)

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A poem by Anam Thubten

Soberanes fire is burning everything that gets in her way.

She is merciless,

She is magnificent… from a distance.

The thick smoke turns the mountain more majestic than ever.

Night is lit by red light that keeps eyes glazed forever by its magic.

The famous Big Sur is dramatic now in blazing fire along with sky, wind and sea.

She does not listen to our prayers,

She does not spare anyone’s begging

She is raging with cosmic wrath,

Burning a paradise on earth.

A place we cherished with our hearts.

“Sweetwater Sanctuary”

Right now, our hearts are burning not with fire,

Not with anger,

Not with sadness,

But with compassion.

The folks who lost their homes,

May they find comfort in the kindness

Poured out by others.

The innocent animals who are terrified,

May they find safety from the danger.

The firefighters,

May all the good forces gather to make sure

They are not in harm’s way.

Never forget the redwoods happily spreading their seeds.

Many baby trees soon are going to grow.

The whole host of earth spirits are dancing

To welcome nature’s rejuvenation.

Is this good or bad?

Let’s try not to find an easy answer for everything.

Let’s stay with the not knowing.

Many found true freedom

by surrendering to the not knowing.

This is indeed an ancient secret that liberated

Thousands of hearts.