Spring Blossoms

As daylight hours increase with the arrival of spring the land feels full of vibrancy.  It seems all the inhabitants of the land are slowing coming out of winter hibernation, playfully soaking in the rays. 

To our amazement, two large turkey vultures swiftly landed on near by boulders to spread their wings. We felt honored to witness this sacred ritual in action. It felt to be a beautiful reminder to us about the importance of opening to life’s circumstances.  

A bunny stands on their hind legs like a Zen master, carefully chewing each bite while gracefully surveying the landscape. 

A blue jay dips his head in an old construction bucket, he shakes off the extra water and happily moves on his way. He chirps loudly by, as if to be thankful for the water he stumbled upon. 

 Green grass is covering the landscape with bright purple, pink & orange flowers. The land feels joyful and full of color.  Spring has sprung! 

‘The practice of true devotion is devotion to life. It is not devotion to some grand idea of divine, but devotion to life itself. In that process the notion of your life and my life dissolves. There is only life. It’s like sitting in the ocean. There is no my ocean. There is no my sky, my universe, or my cosmos. There is only ocean. There is only sky. There is only cosmos. In the same way, there is only life, and life is already unfolding. How can we discover life? The path is very simple, utterly simple. Buddha gave a sermon that he said summarized all of his other sermons. He said, do with total awareness and insight. Be in the present moment. This is the pure way to discover life that is none other than emptiness, divine truth, and oneness.” -Anam Thubten

Love & Gratitude,

Megan and Rob 

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