Nature’s Generosity

“Nature’s magic lures us to tap into a greater truth that is not polluted by manmade theories and concepts, and liberates us from the shackles of conventions that often go against the purity of our hearts”

– Anam Thubten

Emaho! As the seasons begin to shift with the arrival of fall, the land is undergoing a subtle metamorphosis.  The infamous poison oak, which seems to flourish here in the Santa Lucias Mountains, is changing colors from its usual bright green to a blazing ruby red. The big leaf maples in the lower canyon now appear to have transformed from brown to a light shade of yellow.  The oak trees on the land have been dropping their acorns, a perfect present for the blue jays, woodpeckers, mice, squirrels and who ever else happens to be lucky enough to come upon the bounty. The apple tree is even about to be ready to harvest fruit.  The trees are indeed revealing to us how lovely it is to let go, with such grace and ease. As daylight starts to fade earlier, we reflect on the generosity that the land brings.

As the seasonal shift is underway, we contemplate creative ways to navigate the limited infrastructure. We look forward to the day when we all can practice together on the land.

Love and Gratitude,

Megan & Rob

Dharmata Foundation will be launching a fundraising campaign on October 26th 2020 in support of Sweetwater Hermitage please stay tuned and check back here for more information

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