The Great Medicine Wheel, Our Earth

This is a time of renewal, rebirth, and stretching to the sky. That which was dead and gone is coming back to life. Wildflowers, trees, plants, birds, lizards and animals are sharing their gifts with us. Even the fresh spring water from the mountain is telling an ancient story and singing songs about the miracles of life and death. We are experiencing this time of rejuvenation first hand while working on the land. During this time of the east (spring, vision, creativity, birth, death, and elder hood) as referred to in the teachings on the Four Directions/ Medicine Wheel, gives us a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the gardens, trails, and roads on the land.

I often reach down and pick up a handful of dirt and rub it between my fingers to feel the different textures, temperatures, and moisture content within the different pockets of earth. This practice has become a ritual or ceremony for me, which I feel creates a sacred bond between myself, and the earth.

I am finding that this relationship between a person and a piece of land takes patience, gratitude, and humility. Seems to be an interesting winding process of making mistakes and then learning from them. I was observing a patch of freshly sprouted wild grasses that was growing beside the trail, which just a few days prior was bare earth. I contemplated the miracle the wild grass is performing right in front of my eyes. I began to see that in that moment, I only perceived the grass’s outward appearance and growth. I came to the realization that what I didn’t see was that the grass must go down underground and face the mud, the darkness before it can sprout and reach for the sky. To me this was a great teaching in which I must keep witnessing my shadow in order to know my true nature. The amazing part about Nature is it teaches us continuously. When the sun comes up in the east, it has to go down in the west. When it goes down in the west, it rises again in the east, and so is the journey of life. In order to see the light we need to go through darkness.

This land, referred to as Sweetwater has been going through many transitions and is nearing a rebirth of its own. This makes me very grateful and full of joy knowing that many people will be able to come here and ground their feet into this beautiful land, to deepen their connection to themselves.

With heart,

Rob Larson



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