Sacred Visitations (Riding the winds of change)

While working on the land in recent weeks we have been blessed by visitations from the majestic red tail hawks who make their home in the canyon. They are truly beautiful and graceful beings, a direct connection to the divine and an important part of the ecosystem. I feel they are a reflection of my inner wisdom, manifesting in the external to offer guidance, wisdom, and to be a mirror when I get lost in my delusions and separateness. We have been receiving their messages while tending to the land a lot during these difficult times. Recently we were on the land pulling Genista (a nonnative invasive plant species, which takes over the native plant population and is also very flammable). The Genista removal is for both fire mitigation purposes and to assist the native plant community come back into balance. During this activity I notice that my mind goes on many different trips, ranging from complete equanimity on one end of the spectrum into extreme fear on the other end with many different emotions and thoughts in between. I noticed that when my mind would become busy and I would start to get frustrated with the seemingly never ending sea of Genista, when out of the corner of my eye the hawk appeared in the sky,  gracefully riding thermals in the most beautiful sacred geometric patterns. This provided me with an opportunity to marvel in this beautiful creature and ground myself back in the present moment with a new appreciation to be able to care for the forest in this way. At another point I noticed that worry, anxiety, and fear would come in when thinking about family members and all the people suffering with this virus, at this moment I saw the hawk perched at the top of a redwood tree, watching over the forest floor silently. An intense wave of gratitude came over me for no apparent reason. This allowed me to cut through all the fear and anxiety and tap into the love and compassion that is always present if we slow down and watch our emotions silently without judgment. I have no way of knowing if the hawk is intentionally guiding and sharing wisdom with me and it doesn’t really matter since this being in the form of the hawk is teaching me to pause and go inside to find my true nature. I have immense gratitude for the hawk and the instructions it is giving me. I am going to work hard to stay grounded in love and compassion during these uncertain times and remember that nature provides many teachings and messages if we are willing to look within ourselves. Thank you to the spirit of the hawk for channeling the messages of the divine.  Thank you to all of you who are dancing in my mandala for doing the courageous inner work for the benefit of all beings.

Many Blessings , Rob Larson




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