Nature’s Magic

Sweetwater’s four legged and two winged friends have been active on the land! Owls, fox, bobcat and hawks are among some of our relatives who call Sweetwater Hermitage home! This young fox was spotted sunning himself behind prajna, soaking in the sun’s rays. He looks to be smiling 🙂 As we pause to marvel at his wisdom of truly being in the moment, we are reminded of the many gifts that mother nature provides us with!

 As our beloved teacher says “Nature has the power to wash away all ego-centered mental chatter, worries, and anxieties, allowing us to feel a deep serenity and to see the way things are in the grand picture of reality. Nature’s magic lures us to tap into a greater truth that is not polluted by manmade theories and concepts, and liberates us from the shackles of conventions that often go against the purity of our hearts”.



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