Hello Spring!

bees came for honey

flowers giggled as they

undressed themselves

for the taking

the sun smiled

– the second birth from the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

Spring arrived riding the Pineapple Express this year 🙂 This “atmospheric river” is part of the Earth’s ocean water cycle and brings warm bands of tropical water vapor from the South Pacific up the coast of California. These rivers of moisture bring much needed water to our reserves, but they can also cause serious flooding and debris flows as was our experience last year.

Mother nature presented another opportunity for us to examine our preferences, let go of notions of good or bad, greet our friend Water and guide it along its most expedient path to the creek.  The storm system brought nearly 5″ inches of rain in the past few days, but berms, swales, and drains for the most part sufficiently diverted water and soil away from structures. The clouds parted and periwinkle blooms announced a fresh start for the new season ahead.


Photo by Tim McPhillips

With each day the arc of the sun rises higher in the sky, the days grow warmer, and more and more birds join the growing chorus on the mountain. Some just stop by for a short visit to sun themselves.


Turkey vultures on Vulture Peak at the top of the land.

The recent rains have nourished the wide variety of flora on the mountain. As we continue to nurture our native plantings (donated last summer), we contemplate our preferences and the question, “Who decides what is a weed?” 🙂


Photo by Jacki LaForge


More deep gratitude to those who have contributed to items on our Wish List. The land is thriving thanks to your generosity! Click here to see our current needs. If you feel inspired to make a monetary donation, click here. For those who’d like to offer their skills and expertise, please email info.sweetwater@dharmata.org.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

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