The cookbook project


Sweetwater Sanctuary cookbook project

While we continue to host small groups of volunteers on the land as is possible, we notice that often subtle, yet powerful moments of sangha connection occur over shared meals after a hard day’s work. From this time together, as well as Anam Thubten’s own love of cooking, has come the inspiration for the Sweetwater Sanctuary Cookbook. This project is intended to be a hub for all of us to share recipes that inspire our karma yoga practice, celebrate our sangha connection, and also raise money for the hermitage at the same time.

Please share a favorite, simple vegetarian recipe that can be prepared in an hour or less. Note: many of the meals at Sweetwater incorporate fresh greens and veggies from our garden on-site, so recipes that can also do so are much appreciated. We’d love it if you could add a few short sentences that describe how your recipe inspires your practice, reminds you of Sweetwater, etc. Please send your recipes to karma yogini, Jennifer Foltz who is coordinating this project. Thank you Jenn!

Cheers 🙂

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