Ode to the Earth Dog

Lo Sar Bzang! (Happy New Year)


Our friend Bodhi inspires the Earth Dog in us all on a recent visit to the sanctuary.

The year of the earth dog is inviting us to feel our ground as we build a strong foundation for Sweetwater Sanctuary’s next manifestation. As we practice together to find our balance for the path forward, perhaps we can continue to build trust in our dog-like intuition and healing ability coupled with the stability of the earth element. Like Bodhi above, the dog is a true expression of unconditional love and always present in the moment. Even though at times it might not feel like we are doing much, it is foretold that the right effort expended this year has the power to set us up for many years to come.

Tashe Delek (blessings and good luck) all!


Kay and Cory

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