“All activities should be done with one intention”from the practice of Lojong

There’s nothing like a challenging project to put to the test all of our practice around how we meet situations in our lives with the intention to wake-up, to ripen compassion, and to further our ability to let go. We’re finding ourselves once again grateful for the love of sangha family that envelops the land with this kind of resolve. As exciting, fun, surprising, confusing, frustrating or painful as it can be sometimes, it’s unmistakable the courage that permeates this family as we continue to put one foot in front of the other together.

We received an amazing donation of over 1000 native plants for landscape restoration arranged by our sangha sister, Stacy Jacobsen. Thank you Stacy for your time and effort to help us better understand the world of these wee plant beings and how we can best nurture and find them an appropriate home on the land. What an earth mother! We aspire to do our best to care for these newborns to which you’ve so lovingly committed your life’s work.


Loading plants with Stacy.

Mila rallied the troops and organized carpools to bring karma yogis onto the land to engage the planting effort. We introduced many new plants to the Sweetwater landscape and laid temporary irrigation for their thirsty needs as they try to establish in these sometimes very hot weeks of late summer. It was an amazing five days of right effort, mutual support, and boundless generosity. Cheers all!

ky planting 5

ky planting.jpg

ky planting collage 2

Top left: Jackie, Mila, Jordan, Nick, & Cory celebrating a hard days work. Top right: Cory, Bing, Jillian, and Louise. Lower left: Lara, Lousie & Jillian gently coax the young plants from their pots. Lower right: Brit & Jon back from hauling a load of brush to the burn pile.

We will be continuing to try to strike the right balance of planting given the water needs of these young plants and our ability to meet those needs with our the ever-changing resources on the land. We will be looking for more volunteers as we come closer to the rainy season (October?). Let us know if you’d like to be a part of the effort by emailing

More deep gratitude to those who have contributed to items on our Wish List. Being on the land is getting a lot easier thanks to your generosity 🙂 Click here to see our current needs. If you feel inspired to make a monetary donation, click here.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory













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