For the love of sangha

“How wonderful it will be when all beings experience each other as limbs on the one body of life” – Shantideva

Several karma yogis brought their enthusiastic practice to lovingly care for the land. As we continue to mitigate for fire, repair existing structures, and restore the landscape, we’re surrounded by Nature’s reminders of our inherent connection. For the love of the trees, birds, creek, face flies ;), and all that is our sangha…

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Top left: Tim made a sweet trail sign out of recycled madrone. Top middle: Jackie creates a temporary patch on the inside yurt (Shunyata) roof. Top right: Jack consults about erosion control. Bottom left: Sue cleans Shunyata’s porch. Bottom right: Mila, Alberto and Cory clear the area around Shunyata and Kshanti.

One year has passed since the Soberanes Fire swept through the land and transformed us all. We celebrated Sweetwater Sanctuary’s rebirth (along with Mila’s birth 😉 ).

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A deep bow of gratitude to all of you across the country who are also participating in this powerful sangha effort by donating many of the items on our wishlist and contributing monetary gifts. The love, generosity, and determination is palpable. May all beings benefit!

For more information on how you can help right now (even from afar), please contact To offer a monetary donation, click here. No longer want certain items at home and want to donate them to the sanctuary? Check out our wish list doc here. Thank you!

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory, Caretakers

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