“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun” – our neighborhood friend Charlie Cascio channeling Rudyard Kipling 😉

Saturday it reached 100 degrees in the shade at midday, so we did some chores in the early morning and took the opportunity to get into the creek and explore the underside of our new bridge this afternoon. It’s amazing the difference in our relationship to the creek now liberated from the old, broken down culvert that once served as our bridge onto the land and the miscellaneous fire debris lodged there from winter flooding. Even the birds now fly under it as they hunt and play.

under bridge collage.jpg

We waded through Sweetwater Creek down to our soaking hole built back in April with Karma Yogi Bodhi.  The cool spring waters pacified body and mind as we relaxed into a nature-filled meditation.

Contemplating “presence” as it drifts and glides through the mind stream, we felt part of a greater presence that invites deeper opening. Sense perceptions wake us up to the present moment as thoughts recede to the background of the consciousness. Even the ever present maintenance “to do” list takes on a different quality and texture in our nature meditation as the space between items expands with each passing breeze 🙂

These days a weighty stillness envelops the mountain top – a micro-climate of it’s own – different from the coast especially in summer. Even the blue jays were quiet in the afternoon as beings conserved energy during the heat. This handsome alligator lizard was one of few boldly stepping into the sun.


Road repairs and closures on Highway 1 south of Carmel called off a couple of karma yogis who were otherwise going to join us that day. Regardless, we felt their supportive presence and toasted Anam Thubten and our beautiful Dharmata family with tea. Much gratitude to the previous stewards of this land who planted the mint that continues to thrive in the garden and to Cynthia Barbaccia for the donated glasses from which we’re enjoying refreshment 🙂


We turned the water on to the lower part of the land to flag leaks in burned pipes in the late afternoon. Our next visit will bring a few karma yogis and a lot of pvc pipe and fittings to restore water flow to the pool area and impending peace garden (at the site of the old caretaker house and entrance to the sanctuary).

water leak collage

Left: yep, that’s a leak. Right: some leaks are only discovered with digging at the sites of structures destroyed in the fire.

Ever present gratitude to the karma yogis helping with much needed tasks off land: Catherine Hollander who’s helping with general sangha communications, Elliot May who’s coordinating social networking, Gina Wind who’s jumping in to support upcoming fundraising events with Raquel Castellanos, and Mila Santo & Alberto Virgen who’ve volunteered to receive and stage donations to the sanctuary. It definitely takes a village…

For more information on how you can help right now (even from afar), please contact To offer a monetary donation, click here. No longer want certain items at home and want to donate them to the sanctuary? Check out our wish list doc here. Thank you!

Love and gratitude,










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