Practicing Patience – Part Two

“Whichever of the two occurs, be patient” – Atisha (from the practice of Lojong)

Per our last post, we’ve spent the last month digesting the news of various road blocks and repairs as well as rebuilding delays that could take the next year or more to complete. During the same time, we have cleared one of the major hurdles for getting into the hermitage. So while working with both disappointment and delight, we resolve to continue practicing patience. Maybe we’ll take a pass on the roller coaster ride of hope and fear this time 😉 and let things unfold here on the mountain at their own speed.

We have a new bridge – yay!

Check out this beautiful work completed by our neighborhood craftsmen: Aaron Patch (excavator, mason, carpenter) and Phil Allen (welder). They painstakingly brought supplies in bit-by-bit over the course of a couple of weeks to minimize the impact on our fragile Rocky Creek Rd and make it possible for us to cross by bridge over Sweetwater Creek once again.


bridge collage

Left: bridge washout in January. Center: new bridge. Right: view from the road as you approach the bridge and future site of the Peace Garden.

It would seem that from the start of this project just a little over a year ago, the pilgrimage to Sweetwater Sanctuary has rarely been easy. But as it turns out (and we suspect Anam Thubten may have known all along), that is part of its special potency. The “path is the goal” regularly rings clear and true these days in Big Sur. Check out what our wise neighbors are also saying in that regard here.

Our Palo Colorado Road (county road) from Hwy 1 is scheduled to close for repairs for up to 3 months starting in August. At that point we will be making a 3 mile journey by ATV to reach the land once again, but a second hurdle may be cleared once it’s complete. Then, the final leg as Rocky Creek Road repairs are tentatively scheduled for April 30th. Stay tuned here for more updates.

FYI – we’re looking for sangha landscape architects/designers to collaborate on the design and installation of the Peace Garden. If you’re interested, please email and share your ideas. As always, if you feel moved to make a financial contribution to the Sweetwater Sanctuary recovery effort, whatever you give here makes a difference.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory








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