Accept and Keep Open Your Heart


A drawing and poem from Tina Ho (sangha member from Hong Kong) – one of our first Sweetwater Sancturay retreatants just before the fire last summer.


How magical it is
Flaming lips kiss the land
Without destroyed entirely
but gave you a shock
When you think the thunderstorms were over
A flood just like monsters visited here
without invitation or notice
Rushing from the sky to our beloved land again

So sorry it hurts you in somewhere of your heart
make a tiny scar
Our giant bodhi tree of Dharmata House
It blessed you eternally
No matter you have been free from this pain
Our timid deer and our brave vultures
Came in my mind to send their graceful loves to you
They are somewhere in Sweetwater
Safety and sleep well
Waiting for our visit one day

-Tina Ho

Thank you for your beautiful offering Tina!


Kay & Cory


Tina offering a sacred dance blessing before her departure from the sanctuary in front of what was Dana (caretaker’s house).

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