As spring continues its spectacular unfolding on the mountain, the collaborative dance of the elements taking new form wakes us up again and again to our powerful interrelationship. Where once the manzanita grew so thick and tall, a wave of poppies now spreads across the space between the charred remains.


The sense of emergence from the bardos of the past several months – fire, torrential rains, clearing flood and landslide debris – is more and more palpable. The strength of the bond of our sangha family inspired by Anam Thubten’s vision for this hermitage brought a breath of fresh air – Raquel (all the way from Montana) and Nona (we’ll get your picture next time!) – with fundraising ideas for Sweetwater Sanctuary’s re-build.


Raquel with a ladybug friend.

We celebrated Earth Day by continuing to clear space for Sweetwater’s new face to emerge with our final burn just before the season concluded. Karma Yogi Tim brought a lot of muscle and his perpetually cheerful spirit to support the land once again.


Tim dragging brush to the burn pile.

Stay tuned for more news as road and bridge repairs continue and the path to the sanctuary becomes more accessible. If you’d like to find out how you can be a part of this collaborative effort and contribute in this particular bardo 🙂 click here and/or email us at

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory


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