Anam Thubten – Live News from Sweetwater


Live news from the mountains

Orion inspires the romantic imagination that all is alive.
The Milky Way is like a road for celestials to travel on
and to drink the endless cosmic wonder.
The nearby creek sings a gentle lullaby for my sweet dream.
In the living trees, who communicate with the language of spirit,
happily wandering creatures do what they want.

I’m alone here.
Wind, sky, clouds, smells, earth, rock,
this is all I got.
No more shame of my body,
I feel like primordial innocence is regained.
Pants and belt look weird.
I had to laugh at them uncontrollably,
especially at the thing called underwear.

Redwoods don’t own bank accounts.
All redwoods are simply redwoods.
Not even one redwood says “I am richer than that redwood”.
The red madrone makes no claim of being more beautiful than that little bush.
Wild poppies seem happy to see me.
They offer me the nicest smile to warm my little frozen heart.

This new bliss is overflowing,
It is a sea whirling inside me,
I’m right now swimming in it.
I’m the sea and the swimmer.

I don’t know where they went.
Either they dissolved into a black hole,
or they are on a temporary sabbatical.

I’m held in the indescribable benevolence of the universe.
Invisible forces tell me that I’m complete.
This is the first time I feel that every cell in my body is sacred.

This is the report from one night’s expedition into the mountains.
I hope you all come here to see this.

-Anam Thubten


                                                                                                                                           photo by Nona Olivia

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