“If we simply let go of the memory of the past, and do not anticipate the future, and leave our mind alone as it is, then the oneness reveals itself because we get out of the way.” – Anam Thubten from Magic of Awareness

upper oak 4-17

The mighty oak at the top of the land springing back to life.

We feel blessed to have celebrated the Vernal Equinox at Sweetwater Sanctuary. As the day evolved, the last of the showers passed through and the sun emerged to reveal a glorious display of fresh Madrone blossoms across the mountain. Like perfumed snow, the blossoms drift lightly in the breeze and lay pristine carpets on the trails and roads.

The day after we finished clearing the 4 feet of decomposed granite that had previously washed down against Prajna, the rains began again. We heard the rush of a waterfall about five hours after the rain started and quickly donned our rain gear and headlamps to add sandbags at the top of the land in an effort to divert the water. How satisfying to fall into synchronicity with the water and earth while gently coaxing it away from our water tanks and cabin. So far, that sandbag wall seems to be holding and has prevented further sliding with subsequent rains.

prajna slide collage 4-17

Upper left: Prajna slide. Upper Right: Post “Operation Liberate Prajna – part 2”.  Lower left: view of Prajna with over 100 surrounding sandbags. Lower right: uppermost source of flow further sandbagged to divert from Prajna.

We continued clearing brush in preparation for a burn before the burn season ends on April 30th. From time to time we took a break and sat and watched our small fire while imagining what it must have been like when a wall of flame many times its size swept through the land just eight months ago. We felt the powerful presence of Kali Ma as she continues her purification process…

burn collage

Burning brush and remaining wood debris.

You might have noticed a strange figure in the background above – the newest member of the Sweetwater Family and maybe our biggest workhorse right now – our new quad affectionately referred to as “the buggy”. We’re now able to drive rather than hike in supplies on Rocky Creek Rd as well as haul small loads around on the land when the creek is low enough to cross.


The buggy has also made it possible for us to now shuttle in 3 or 4 folks at a time who may want to join in the karma yoga practice. The rains seem to be subsiding in intensity and we have a little window before Rocky Creek Rd will be closed for at least 3 weeks for major repairs. If you’d like to come and revel in the beauty unfolding (and do some brush clearing meditation 😉 ) email us at

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

quan yin 4-17

Quan Yin prevailed through the fire and is now surrounded by spring.



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