Spring forward

We made it into the hermitage last week just after the county finished re-installing the temporary bridge at the 3.3 mile collapse on Palo Colorado Road – shaving 1.5 miles off of our hike in. As we made our way up the mountain, the warm breeze of spring was rippling through the tender new sprouts and wildflowers budding throughout the fire-rejuvenated forest.

IMG_1273 (1).jpg

Lupine beginning to bloom on the road.

A week without rain had passed and together with the surrounding vegetation, we soaked up the sunshine and prepared for the next phase of our journey forward. Despite the fire, flooding, and landslides, the nectarine in our fragile orchard is responding to the call of spring.

IMG_1302 (2).jpg

As we imagined, the land had continued to slide behind Prajna as the mountain continues it’s metamorphosis. Wonder of wonders, the cabin remains on it’s footings and the solar continues to hum at full strength. So we continue our karma yoga practice there now dubbed – Operation Liberate Prajna. Phase 1 involved digging several feet of earth away from the back of the cabin and battery banks and filling more sandbags to try to divert future water/slides. Phase 2 continues this weekend with excavating the remaining earth and extending the sandbag wall around the front of the cabin. We hope to finish before the rain forecasted to start Monday and continue through the week.

prajna slides

Top: January slide and temporary mitigation at Prajna. Middle: February slide in back, side, and exposed footings on downhill side respectively. Bottom: Phase 1 Mitigation in back and around corner. Side-front and front mostly dug out, but not yet bagged.

As we surveyed the rest of the land, we found ourselves once again in the middle of nature’s great dance. The patchwork of green grasses  expands on the hillside and we make the acquaintance of new veggie friends.

miners lettuce

Miners lettuce errupts all over the land – salad anyone?

We continue to feel the strength and resiliency of our powerful sangha in your continued support and offers to help on the land. Stay tuned here for more information on opportunities to help replace the infrastructure in preparation for the rebuild as weather begins to permit this spring.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

P.S. A Poem from Anam Thubten:

Who has the magic to make the sun
appear every morning?
who makes that bird on the elegant tree chirp?

Breathe, pulse, music, dew, sunset,
The burning ambers of the fall.
There is unfathomable joy in all that.
Life is a stream.
It flows on its own.

No one knows why we are here.
Stop trying to figure out the great mystery.
The tea in front of you is getting cold.
Drink it.
Enjoy every drop of it.
And dance.
Dance until there is no more dancer,
It is the dance without a dancer.
This is how great mystics dance.

-Anam Thubten – from The Magic of Awareness




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