“…with a gentle heart anything can blossom.“-Anam Thubten (full poem below)

It was a wet and wild month of February in Big Sur with several landslides and lots of flooding throughout the burn zone – our canyon included. The debris flows down Rocky Creek (of which our Sweetwater Creek is a tributary) continue to clog and/or compromise culverts causing the paved road to the sanctuary (Palo Colorado Rd) to collapse in several places. Residents in the canyon have been working hard to try to keep the road open up to the previous closure at the 3.3 mile marker as the county is overwhelmed with damage on Highway 1, Pfeiffer Bridge, and other areas of the Big Sur area as well. What an extra-ordinary winter.

On Saturday, Karma Yogini Mila joined me for a work party in the canyon organized by our local fire chief. We left at dawn and met about 35 canyon neighbors and supportive members of the greater Carmel community to clean debris and log jams out of Rocky Creek to prevent further flooding and road collapse. It was a powerful day of wet, hard work, but wading in and hauling out of the creek was made utterly joyful by the sense of mutual commitment and cheerful resilience of the Palo Colorado Canyon community. Much gratitude for our neighbors!

BeFunky Collage

We’re headed back down to Big Sur to hike in to Sweetwater Sanctuary and will post an update on it’s status this weekend. More to come…

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

P.S. A Poem from Anam Thubten:

Ordinary Metamorphoses

The spiritual path is long and winding
With countless delusions and illusions
And now and then a little insight.
Why is it so easy to descend instead of ascend?
To sleep instead of to wake?
To be bound instead of to be free?
To be frozen instead of to melt?
To whom should we complain,
“This is not a fair game!”?

I was trying to transcend my humanness
along with my sorrow.
Years of renunciation,
countless prayers,
Nothing was working.

One day I felt so exhausted in my bones
I fell apart in beautiful despondency.
I became a helpless child crawling on the ground.
With no desire to become the Phoenix –
Just wanting to become myself again.
A newer me more ripened,
more cooked,
more spiced.

A woman that works at the local nursery
Told me to buy an ordinary plant.
She said, “This one will have beautiful flowers.”
I planted it with great care.
Today it is wearing hundreds of flowers
Like a charming lady with colorful jewelry.
With a gentle heart anything can blossom.

-from Big Sky: Poems by Anam Thubten

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