Surrendering to the Unknown

“The truth is that the only way we can find freedom, the only way we can find true happiness, unconditional happiness and unconditional joy, is actually from becoming aware of and learning to love this basic truth of reality, which is the lack of security and certainty” – Anam Thubten from Embracing Each Moment: A Guide to the Awakened Life

The Sweetwater Sanctuary neighborhood measured 28″ of rain in the first three weeks of January alone. While there is now much relief from persistent drought conditions of the past several years, the post fire terrain on the mountain is shifting and moving in a more accelerated and dramatic way. Planning for the future rebuild of the sanctuary requires agility and flexibility as we are simultaneously provided with daily opportunities to surrender to the unknown.

Rocky Creek now flows over our paved road (Palo Colorado Rd ) 3.3 miles up the canyon from Hwy 1 due to the culvert breach reported in our last post. We are wading through the swollen creek with our neighbors to gain access to our shared dirt road another mile up canyon (Rocky Creek Rd) as the county begins construction of a temporary footbridge here:


Our Sweetwater Sanctuary truck is now too big to make it through the areas where Rocky Creek Rd has been compromised due to a failed retaining wall, though the temporary  road repair is holding so far. These days we sometimes catch a ride with our wonderful neighbor Charlie (in the foreground above) or walk in the 1.5 miles to the sanctuary:


Our bridge onto the land washed out with the last storm on January 22nd-23rd:


Our drains and fortified check damns were also breached at the top of the land and more earth slid against Prajna once again. We dug a ditch around and under the cabin so it could dry and sandbagged near it to try to keep future flows from undermining the structure:

The resilience of the redwood trees are in full display making the hike back out pure joy:


We will soon be posting a wish list here for the next phase of SWS needs (like an ATV, composting toilets for workers, tool shed, etc) and greatly appreciate any donation to the relief efforts. Stay tuned for more details about how you can help or email us at for more information.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

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