Cheerful New Year!

“Life is unfolding continuously whether we like it or not. The more we try to control it, the more we suffer. If we truly surrender our fears and hopes and jump into the unknown of everyday life, we’ll lose nothing but suffering. We’ll gain freedom without looking for it.” – from Embracing Each Moment by Anam Thubten

As the ground literally 😉 continues to shift and change on the land, we are awestruck by the forces of nature and the lessons it offers. With less vegetation post fire and each rain this fall, we are learning more and more about the Sweetwater Sanctuary terrain and its contours, how the water wants to travel through it, and where we can relax in harmony with it all. We’re feeling blessed and humbled by the way mother nature continues to reveal herself.

We celebrated the arrival of the new year with fellow karma yogis and yoginis. A cool, crisp, winter wakefulness permeates the environment and inspires a sense of “fresh start”. One only has to let go to feel buoyed by it (and the company of friends!)


Tim, Rebekah and Cory pulling down a tangled, fallen limb.


Catherine and Anne Marie clearing the shed site of it’s last bits of debris – and finding some treasures in the process!


Sweetwater Lumberjack  – Rebekah 🙂


Relaxing at sunset

Let us know if you’d like to join us for karma yoga practice between rains by emailing

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

P.S. A Poem from Anam Thubten:

Magic of Gratitude


So many beautiful souls are gone,

just like rainbows disappear.

Their faces are smiling in the shrine of my heart.

I’ve tried to dream them many times,

so I can say “thank you.”

They are the most sacred words our lips can utter.

Each time we say them,

this invisible cold ice between us melts.


Thanks to my beloved ones,

who listened to my stories,

shared thousands of delicious meals,

opened my heart,

accepted me the way I am.

Your presence never gave me sorrow,

only joy.

In your field,

my entire being is so relaxed.


Thank you to all my friends.

Your trust has been empowering me.

Our friendship showed me my own goodness.

The world is less strange because of you.


I’m grateful to the earth for sustaining life,

Cloud for the rain

Flower for the beauty

Sea for its grace

Mountain for its majesty.


Never forget the animals.

Hummingbirds for making me smile by their cuteness,

Squirrels for making me laugh by their mischievousness,

Coyotes for invoking my wildness by their howling,

This world will be very lonely if they’re not here.


I’m even grateful to my problems.

They woke me up from my illusions

and led me to the path of compassion.

I would not trade them for anything.


Right now,

Under the full moon’s gaze,

I’m writing THANK YOU

in the air,

blowing kisses



Open your heart,

you might get one.


-from Big Sky – poems by Anam Thubten



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