Dancing with the rains post fire

Mother nature has blessed this parched land with rain – 6.5 inches in our first storm the weekend of October 14-16. The land absorbed most of the water, the creeks ran somewhat higher with debris flows, but our roads/access to the sanctuary remained intact. Another small storm passed through last weekend. The mountain is now erupting in green as the fern mature along the creek bed and the grasses and chaparral spring back to life. There are just a few more tree limbs down now waiting to be cut into firewood πŸ™‚

Thanks to all of those who’ve inquired about how to help on the land. As we continue to navigate the flood and landslide risk on the mountain with the rainy season, we will keep you abreast of opportunities to come and help (sometimes day-by-day depending on the forecast!). For more information, contact: caretaker.sweetwater@dharmata.org.

Dakinis descended on the land in the narrow window between the rains last Saturday to offer further protection to remaining structures and to gently coax the water to less erosive paths. They cleaned debris out of culverts, dug water bars and drains, and fortified slide breaks to help prepare the land for more rain the next day.


Samantha giving Kshanti some love.

img_1070Catherine combing the land with her shovel clearing drains.

img_0787Catherine and Kay investigating and cleaning out a burned out culvert cavity.

img_1072Sunset at the beach on the way home πŸ™‚

If you have a hankering to saw, split, or chop wood, now’s the time to exercise those muscles. What meditation in action! Let us know when you can join us for tree removal (they’re already down). Contact us at caretaker.sweetwater@dharmata.org.

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

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