Wow! What a difference a day makes…

With the help of a few more folks last weekend, we’ve almost finished debris removal. On Saturday alone (with the help of our amazing neighbor – Brian Patch) we cleared the brunt of the remaining building debris. Just a few more small bags and lots of screws, nails, and little bits to go.

img_2075Lacey, Mei, and Kay clearing the last of the debris at the communal kitchen/bathhouse.

img_2064Lacey, Mei, Cory, and Brian Patch (in the back hoe) cleaning up at the Dana (Caretaker’s house).


What a difference!

20161022_163744Lacey and Bodhi got it done at the Dhyana debris site in just an afternoon 🙂

The land absorbed most of the 6.5 inches that fell with the first rain two weekends ago. We still need to prepare for the possibility of landslide with more rains to come. Your help with moving decomposed granite, replacing culverts, and digging trenches will make a difference in keeping our road/access intact through the winter.

We also have 4-5 downed trees ready to be cut and split for future cozy fires. Bring your chain saw, maul, axe (if you have one – we will also provide some) and enjoy the beautiful fall at Sweetwater!

Love and gratitude,

Kay & Cory

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