New Life

While we wait for the insurance process to settle at Sweetwater Sanctuary, nature continues her miraculous unfolding in the wake of the fire. In the midst of the debris that awaits removal, “Naked Lady” Lilies (also called Resurrection Lily) have sprung up.


Although we lost many trees, many remain and new life sprouts at the base of those burned even in the absence of rain.


The insurance process requires that we not disturb anything (including the landscape by cutting fallen trees) until the assessment is complete. Though it’s hard sometimes to find the patience necessary to navigate this process, we’re finding delight in all of the little ways that nature takes it’s own course and offers continued guidance for harmonious and graceful adaptation to change.

Many of our neighbors have begun the clean-up process and we’ve been spending 5-6 days here every other week in a tent on the land helping them while we coordinate with assessors and plan for repair of basic infrastructure  (water, septic, power) at Sweetwater Sanctuary. Of course, water is a critical need in order to clean-up and we were blessed that our well pump and holding tank was not damaged by the fire. With the help of a new portable generator (our stationary generator burned in the fire) and a couple of our neighbors, we’ve been able to fill our well tank and start the process of repairing lines to feed water to our remaining plumbing at Prajna.

We are currently planning our debris removal process to begin as soon as we get the go-ahead from insurance. This will be an “all hands on deck” period as there is much to do before the rains may start. Clearing our 15 acre property will take everyone’s help. Even if you feel you can’t do much heavy lifting, there is plenty to sort, sift and clean, meals to be prepared, and shuttling to be done. We’ll be presenting a schedule on September 25th at Dhyana Hall that will go into effect once we hear from the insurance company. We will send an email announcement, as well as post to Facebook and this blog to let you know when we plan to start and how you can help.

Thanks to all for your continued support, encouragement, and offers of help. Stay tuned here for the next step in clean-up plan.

Kay & Cory

Caretakers, Sweetwater Sanctuary



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