News from May 20-21

Kay and Cory have just come back from Sweetwater. Here’s an update on what’s going on.. getting ready for our first retreatants in July!

“The road to Prajna will likely be graded next weekend – finally! Next step to get new batteries for the solar and propane up there and we’ll be ready for retreats.

The broken water line from the source is fixed and we now have hydroelectric again at Dana – yay! That also restores  irrigation ability throughout the land.

Seas have been calm the last couple of weekends at Big Sur, Sweetwater Creek still runs vigorously, black berries budding on the vines and many fruits on the trees in the orchard and about the land.

Karma Yoga Event next weekend: lots of moving things to new locations, continued pruning, wacking/grass cutting, and weeding, pool cleaning, and more vegetable planting. Cool, starry nights and warm, sunny days – beautiful camping weather!

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